How to face Govt Job Interview?

Dear aspirants,

Congratulations to all those who cleared written exam and qualified for interview/personality test! Now just take one crucial step and you are there in Govt job!

But to succeed in this step one need to prepare carefully to stay ahead of competition. Remember......your competitor are cream like you. They are as good as you.

Many candidate do mistakes like depending or relying on their written score and ignoring interview, wasting time till interview dates are declared, trying to read too much etc..

Following 10 points will guide you for your govt interview.

1) Now everyone is getting ready to fight for interview marks. If you are able to get decent marks in interview, your chances of final selections are bright. Take interview very seriously. 

2) Many candidates get low score because of lack of preparation or wrong preparation at this stage. Like for ONGC Law officer interview, candidate tend to just read and prepare Law and ignore presentation part. Do not forget that this is personality test after all!

3) Interview needs special attention by student and teacher. Approach for written exam and interview is totally different. Your teacher should understand this. A dedicated faculty or specialised coaching for interview (like Career Quest) can understand this difference. Remember any coaching cant give guarantee for success, but certainly provides you helping hand. Do not over depend on any coaching.

So choosing right coaching is very crucial in interview preparation. Need of a good coach is always there. Even player like Sachin Tendulkar also took advice of coach to improve his performance. Every professional do this thing. You should follow this path.

4) Do not meet the people who say negative things about interview. They create negative energy in candidate. 

5) Reading a newspaper thoroughly (1 to 2 hours daily) is must for good score in any govt interview. 

6) Regular mock interviews with friends, teacher  are required for good practice.

7) Refer govt websites (like PIB, Arthpedia, Vikaspedia etc) to update your knowledge from authentic sources. If you have SBI or BOB interview, make sure that you are visiting their websites regularly before interview.

8) Brush up your graduation subjects for better marks. Keep focus on relevant topics which are useful in that company. (Like in PSU like Coal India or BEL read basics of your engineering or management or law subjects) 

9) You may read good book on body language and polish your personality to get good marks. Joining a coaching is also good option because books are mainly targeted for private job interviews. You may find any special study material for govt job interviews.

10) Be confident, Polite and Positive during your interview process to get excellent marks in interview.

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Best wishes!

IAS INTERVIEW TIPS: by IAS Topper Ann Mary George

Important tips by Ann Mary who scored 193 marks (70%) in her UPSC interview. 
She got selected in IFS.

About IAS Interview

DAF is the foundation on which your interview is built. Prepare each word in the DAF thoroughly. Give them interesting hooks in the DAF to ask upon. Otherwise they will ask random questions which cannot be prepared for. But do not write anything false because if they catch it, that’s the end of the game.

Be abreast of all recent events. Listen to AIR news at 9pm and read at least 2 newspapers and develop a rational and balanced point of view on these topics.

Pay special attention to international events or nations being visited by PM.

Record all the mocks that you give and come home and listen to your own answers. You will be able to identify mistakes yourself. Go for at least one mock in which they give you video feedback. You get to see our own facial expressions and body language that we are not aware of.

During the Interview

Enter with a smile. You can ask the staff outside the room if there is a lady member in the panel and in which side she is sitting. So, you can be prepared to greet the board in the right order.

Let them complete the question. Pause and then reply. It shows that you have appreciated the question well.

Give reasons for your views. This can display your rational thought process.

Take permission before guessing.

Accept the fact that you may not be able to answer all questions in an interview. Here, Sanjeev Kabeer sir’s (Career Quest Institute) analogy of interview to a cricket match is worth mentioning. There will be some balls in which u have to just defend the wicket, some in which you can hit a six and even others which you can get a run or two. It is all about understanding the nature of the question and answering accordingly.

So, it doesn’t matter how many “I don’t know” you say but it’s important that you say it in the right spirit and don’t get disheartened. (As told to insightsias)

Wish you all the best!

About IAS Interview coaching:

Career quest has helped me in the most crucial phase of my journey to success-the interview. I joined CQ after Civil Services Main Exam-2016. 

The detailed orientation regarding the different aspects of interview-posture, timing, structuring the answer, accepting your ignorance with grace etc. gave me an in-depth idea regarding interview preparation.

Though many people tell that interview is all about luck, I feel there is a lot to be prepared for interview. Unlike written exams, the interview is a personality test rather than knowledge test. So, it involves questions that you may not be able to answer. 

Here, Sanjeev Kabeer sir’s analogy of interview to a cricket match is praiseworthy. There will be some balls in which u have to just defend the wicket, some in which you can hit a six and even others which you can get a run or two. It is all about understanding the nature of the question and answering accordingly.

Kabeer Sir’s vast experience in interview guidance is worth noting because all other coaching centres just let u take a mock, while sir takes into consideration each and every aspect of the interview. He helps us to prepare for questions from our hobbies to home state to cadre preference in a comprehensive manner. 

This helped me to refine my answers in the final interview.
Thank you sir. I wish success to all aspirants and am sure that CQ will help them just the way it did for me.

Ann Mary George, IFS (Indian Foreign Service)
Kerala, (AIR-123, CSE-2016)

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